The Tampa Bay Wedding Podcast, Episode 1: Formal Intros​

Tampa Bay Wedding DJ Podcast

It’s official!  The first podcast to feature expert opinions and advice from industry professionals, in the Tampa Bay region, is finally here!

Listen in while we tackle one of the most important moments in the wedding reception, the formal introductions.  Also known as the Grand Entrance, this special moment is typically high energy, fast paced, and lots of fun.  If all goes smoothly, this event happens very quickly.  So, the need for expert timing and coordination is vital to pull it off and capture the moment!

Today’s expert wedding advice comes from industry pros like Phil Pasek (Fast Breaks Executive Entertainment), Paulina Nicka (Majesty Marketing & Events), and Heather Buczek (Heather B. Studio).

You’ll get to hear a few nightmare scenarios, that actually happened, and how to avoid situations like that during your wedding.  You’ll also get to hear just how important having experienced professionals is, when looking for your vendors.